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Goals That Build Powerful Momentum and Get You Results


“Goals That Build Powerful Momentum and Get You Results”

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“5 Diamond” Success-If you lack this one trait you can kiss success Goodbye!

 Building your character is not just one aspect of becoming successful in life….it’s the MOST important! Whether you are trying to reach a business goal, have better relationships, get your body in shape, get out of debt or grow yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually; there is one way to ensure success is in your future: Build the Character for Success. In my 5 Diamond Success Training, you learn not only how to set smart goals and map them out, but also how to build the character it takes to achieve it. Here are 5 Character Building Tips from my 5 Diamond Success Strategies: (Including the #1 Trait that if you lack, you can kiss success goodbye)


1. Leave your MARK wherever you go. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If you have a desire and the ability to make a difference then you owe it to the world and yourself to make your contribution. If you are a positive, encouraging person, BE that for others. If you are highly intelligent, SHARE your knowledge. If you are funny, make people laugh. Whatever gift you have been blessed with, share it with others and leave your mark.


2. If you lack this trait, you can kiss success goodbye! Many people say fake it till you make it. This works in most cases, such as faking confidence, but there is ONE trait that cannot be faked, and that is INTEGRITY. People can smell insincerity a mile away, and if you aren’t careful, you will repel a lot of people from your life without knowing it. Build this trait and you will not only win the respect of others, but also their trust. In life and business, this will determine your success.


3. Give 100% in everything you do. A famous politician once stated, “No one is born with excellence, it is always earned.” Giving your all, even in those tedious activities, shows the character of someone who is born for success. What do you do when you don’t feel like giving your all? Imagine you are working for your idol. What would you do to impress them with your work? Giving 100% to all tasks, even the small ones, helps prepare you to give 100% when really necessary.


4. Stick to your values. Before I have any of my clients set goals, I first have them establish their top 5 values. Why? Because anytime they question a goal they revert to their value’s chart. If the goal doesn’t align with their values, they re-evaluate it. Why start a relationship with someone in business or personally that asks you to compromise your values. Know what your values are and stand strong in them. If you don’t stick to something, you will fall for anything.


5. Aim to build good character and success will follow. When we set goals, we tend to aim for the materialistic or egotistic outcome. Money, expensive car, big home, new title at work, fame…etc. Those things aren’t bad, but our true goal should be to build the character it takes to acquire those things. That way when we do reach success, we know we will be the type of person who will make a difference to others and not just to ourselves. Focus on this, and success can’t help but follow.


 Action Plan:

Think about the character you portray on a daily basis. Is it one that people admire and are attracted to, or one that people despised and are repelled from? Work on your character daily, and find traits in others that you enjoy. Be the value you see in others. Make sure you display a character filled with values so that you can sleep well at night, for there is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience.


Betsy Allen

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How the Right Mentor Can Change Your Business and Your Life Results

The Value of Mentorship/Coaching:

Every successful person I know has one unique thing in common that led to their current success. It’s not a lucky break, winning the lottery or working extra hard to get there. It’s something that every smart individual decides to do after finally making enough mistakes and failing on their own. They all invest in hiring a Mentor or a Coach.

Mentors/Coaches enable an individual to reach their peak potential sooner than they ever could on their own. They see capabilities that you would never normally see on your own. Watch this short clip to see how this coach not only changed one person’s life….but an entire team:

1. What a Mentor is:

Life and Business Tour Guide-The right Mentor is like your tour guide through life. Imagine being in a different country and not knowing your way around. You try to get around using maps that look foreign, subway systems that feel like the grid challenge of the year, and you end up wasting tons of time and usually never make it to your destination. A Mentor is someone who guides you through your life, business, relationships…etc…and usually save you time, money and frustration learning how to do it the right way the first time around.


2. What a mentor does:

A Mentor is like your personal cheerleader/coach. They will encourage you and push you beyond your limits, because they will always see more capability in you than you will ever see in yourself.  They will also cut your learning curve in half by teaching you their knowledge, and help you avoid the mistakes they once made. 


3. How to find the right mentor for you:

First and foremost, make sure the mentor you choose has values that align with yours. Even if you can learn faster and save more money from someone else, if their values don’t align with yours then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. You want to invest in someone whom you admire on the inside as well as their success on the outside. A good friend of mine once said, “I’ll never do business with someone that I wouldn’t want to go have a drink with after”.  When looking for the right Mentor for my speaking business I asked around who was the best, and got several answers. After doing my research, I knew that James Malinchak (Big $ Speaker) was the right fit for me. He has uber success as a speaker, has tons of integrity and is VERY much respected in the speaking community. 


You also want to make sure the Mentor you invest in has success in the area you aspire to grow in, and that others have experienced success through their products, courses, or advice as well. If you want to be a millionaire then only take business advice from someone whose business is producing a million dollar income. If you want to set and achieve more goals, you would want to hire someone that has a proven system that has worked for others.


Mentors/Coaches will be the biggest asset you add to your life and business. With the right Mentor, not only will your business sky rocket, but your relationships and overall life success will improve as well. 


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    Betsy Allen


Managing Change


Imagine this:

You are living out your dreams as a professional singer, traveling the world for over 12 years, inspiring others with your songs. You awake everyday with a smile on your face, because you are doing what you love, meeting amazing people from all over and making an incredible living. Then imagine, that one day you step out on the stage in front of thousands of people, open your mouth to sing and no sound comes out. Your voice…is literally gone. It’s called Nodules and it’s every singer’s worst nightmare. It was definitely mine. My singing career at that moment came to a screeching halt. Everything I knew in life was gone. My passions, my skills and my confidence…all stripped away in the snap of a finger. The burning question in my mind was….”Now what do I do?”


 It was then that I realized that change is inevitable in life, and if we aren’t prepared on how to manage ourselves through those changes….we may find ourselves sinking to the bottom.  Learning how to manage the changes in your life can literally make or break you. So how do we prepare and conquer the challenges? Here are 3 ways you can manage the changes in your life. 


Action Plan:

Take a look at what you have wanted to change in your life.  Are you ‘adapting’ to the circumstances that life is throwing at you, or are you ‘reacting’ to it? Write down 5 things you want to change about your life, then write down the actions you must take to make those changes. If you can’t change something that is burdening you, write down 3 ways you can change your thinking to focus on the positive in the situation.


If you allow it, your changes can be blessings in disguise”

“Everyone faces change, but it’s not the strongest and most intelligent people who succeed in life, it’s the ones who are most adaptable to change”

“When you can’t change a situation you are forced to change yourself”



How To Use Your Failures to Move You Forward

It never feels good to fail at something in life, but the truth is, failures WILL happen. And when they do, you have a choice. Use those failures to move you forward, or let them stop you from achieving your dreams.


Think about something you have failed at in life. How did you react to that failure? Did you pout, cry and give up on your dreams, or did you grow and learn from it and try another avenue?

“Failure is not falling down, but staying down.”

As long as you get back up you still have a chance to succeed.

There are 3 actions you can use to move you forward after a failure in life:

1. Remember that failure is an event, never a person. When people see themselves as the failure, they tend to mentally beat themselves up to the point of no return. Meaning, they give up on their dreams, because they feel that THEY are the reason for the failure and it wasn’t meant to be. You were born to win. Otherwise, you would wake up everyday with the desire to fail. In your failures, recognize that the particular avenue you took may not have worked for you, therefore, it’s the event that failed….not you. You can still succeed, as long as you see yourself as a winner.

2. Use what you have learned to your advantage. With every failure comes a lesson. Look at what you did wrong and correct those actions. Also look at what you did right and continue to do so. With failure comes growth. You WILL pass failure on your way to success, so take the time to learn from it when you do.

3. Take actions to move you forward right away. Do NOT think you need to take time to recover from the failure. Don’t stop. Don’t cry over it. Don’t throw yourself a pity party. Write down what worked, write down what you have learned from the failure, write down your next plan of action, then GO FOR IT! Getting back in the game right away is called perseverance.


Your failures can either move you forward, closer to your goals, or stop you from ever reaching them. The choice is yours. I don’t know about you, but I choose success.


“Many a man has failed because he has a wishbone where his backbone ought to have been.”


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To the Desirable YOU,


Betsy Allen


Is Your LOW Self Esteem Limiting Your Success?

Here are 3 ways to build your confidence and break down the barriers that stop you from having the life that you deserve to have.

1. Write down 5 of your best attributes and post them around your house

When you know who you are and what you have to offer, it boosts your self esteem.

2. Replace Negativity with Positive self talk

For every negative thought you have, write down 3 positive thoughts about yourself.

3. Develop your Skill-Set Confidence

Develop the skills you need to succeed and enhance the skills you already have.


To the Desirable YOU,

Betsy Allen

Is your MIND holding you back from reaching your dreams?

Many people come to me with the same complaint:

“Every time I set out to reach a goal, something stops me”

When we start to analyze their challenge, they come to a realization that it isn’t that their goals are unattainable, but something in their mindset is holding them back.

In this short video, you will learn 3 mental tricks to eliminate the mental barriers, get your confidence high and keep your goals moving forward.


To the Desirable YOU,


Betsy Allen

The Secret of Success

Everyone views success differently. Some define success as wealth. Others define success as status, and we all face the pressures of “keeping up w/the Jone’s” and “getting ahead of the game”, but what most don’t realize is that success isn’t the amount of $ you have in the bank, the toys you have in the garage, or even the title you hold w/your company. Success is a combination of balance, happiness and how you affect others through your daily actions. The secret of success is how much you enjoy the climb…not how high you get up the mountain.

Let me explain:

To me, success is having balance and happiness in all areas of life. Success is being great at your job and helping others to be great in theirs. Success is having the income to provide the lifestyle you prefer, and to also have the income to help others in need. Success is the ability to have a successful business life, without letting your health, relationships and values suffer. Success is being respected by those around you and learning that serving others is more rewarding than being served. Success is the peace you have in trusting that when things don’t go your way, that God has an alternate plan. Success is the ability to choose who you want to be everyday and what side of the bed you want to wake up on. Success is what YOU choose it to be on a daily basis.

Success is to be defined through YOUR eyes only. Whatever you aim for and achieve is YOUR success. Whatever someone else aims for and achieves is THEIR success. Do not confuse the two. Comparing your success to another’s can be a kill joy, so why do it? Some will say that success=$. Some will say success=happiness. Some will say success=raising a good family. What does success mean to you? Maybe it’s a balance of many things combined. Figure out what success means to YOU and then stick with that belief; because there will always be someone with a faster car, more $, happier family life…etc. You can look at those people and wish you had their life, or you can look in the mirror and be thankful for yours. Choose YOUR success status, chase it and be happy with it. After all, it’s your life…you get to decide what matters most to you. So I’ll let you fill in the blank “Success=___________________”. For me, Success=Happiness.

Let success be measured by the happiness in your heart.

“When the elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the step at a time.”

-Joe Girard

“Success consists of four simple things-to live a lot, to love a lot, to laugh a lot, and from it all, to learn a lot.”

-Richard J. Needham


To the Desirable YOU,

Betsy Allen

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5 Reasons Why People Fail to Obtain Their Goals and How YOU Can Avoid Falling Into That Trap

Does the following story describe you?:

The apple drops in New York City at the strike of midnight, and the next day you wake up ready to conquer the new year. You set some BIG goals for yourself this year and you are positive that every goal will be reached.

*Days 1-3 you’re sticking with your new routine and feeling pretty good about yourself.

*Days 4-10 you start to justify slacking in certain areas due to work overload.

*Days 11-16 you can’t seem to catch up on your old schedule, much as less maintain your new one.

*Days 17 on you throw in the white flag and surrender to your old life; giving up on every goal and dream you set for that year.

We are all guilty of falling back into old patterns and letting our dreams fly out the door, but what happens 5 years from now when you realize that life has passed you by and every goal you set out to achieve has been given up on?

“You were born to live life, not survive it”. So why are you letting your dreams pass by year after year?

There are 5 main reasons people tend to give up on their goals in life and settle for less than they truly desire. If you know what those reasons are, you can avoid falling into that same trap.

Watch the following video to find out what the top 5 reasons people fail to obtain their goals and how YOU can avoid falling into that trap here:

Pay attention this next week to make sure you are avoiding letting the top 5 goal snatchers take over your life. Feel free to leave me a comment and share on Facebook, Twitter and Digg!


To the Desirable YOU,

Betsy Allen


Build a Winner’s Character-Part 2

For those of you who missed out on my Building a Winner’s Character posts, here is part 2!

To the desirable you,

Betsy Allen :)